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We all know Joao Moreira is going to ride a lot of winners in Hong Kong. A lot of punters just follow the Joao show.When you crunch the numbers his high strike rate does not convert into P.O.T. if you blindly bet him in every race. The sectional profiles we provide free with every meeting are a proven way of finding winners that the market may have overlooked. Like old man river, they just keep rolling along. Horses that are suited by today's race and can put themselves in the frame with average luck in running. The profilers can add value to your exotics or frank the form on a horse you like for reasons of class or recent form. Just last week punters were all over Victor Emperor with Joao up. The real value was in finding Dynamic Voyage at $36 to fill second spot and add some serious value to exotics.

Every meeting subscribers to the ratings get the sectional profile reports thrown in for free.

On Feb 26th the profilers unearthed two winners at massive odds.

  • In race 1 Super Junior ranked second on profiles and saluted at over  $150-$200 depending on where you shop. Members were advised to avoid the race as there was a few first starters. Fortunately some saw the odds on offer and had a nibble at Super Junior.
  • In race 4 Victory Master rated on top in the profiles and saluted at $26.

Race 1 - Dividend. Source: Sportsbet
Race 1 - Dividend. Source: Sportsbet
Victory Master wins at $26
Victory Master wins at $26
Victory Master dividends 26/02/2017
Victory Master dividends 26/02/2017


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Subscribers will have access to an online bet calculator that will help them make betting decisions. The tool will allow users to:

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