Happy Valley 22nd October

What should have been a good night turned out to be disappointing through a combination of bad luck and inattention on my part. Not so Happy Valley. It should have been a tidy profit, but wasn't.

Both Lucky - not this time.
Both Lucky - not this time.
  • Both Lucky 1st was rated $7.70  and paid $22 in race 6 and a good overlay was missed due technical issues (internet offline). We continue to find good value winners. We backed the third horse Mr Ginger but forgot to save on Both Lucky #stupid!!! Cost us a winning night #humanerror
  • Ten Flames 1st  an easy winner (rated $2.35 and $2.80 was available the night before race day) was an early bet and looked a good thing but has not been counted in official figures because not all members got set.
  • Bright Concept 2nd Looked home and inexplicably hung off the rail to let the winner Winning Mascot  through late in the race.
  • In race 1 Giddy Giddy: ....... 2.94 /  1.7 units win 2nd I decided to take on Idyllic Wind here with Giddy Giddy dropping in class it looked a good bet. Idyllic is in rare form and just got the better of our overlay in the shadows of the post. Saver bet No - 10 - Forever Fun: ....... 5.23 / 0.2 units saver 7th
  • Only other bet was Strong Foundation 3rd in race 7.

OUT: 10.87 units IN: 0 units

Both Lucky would have had us at +2 units for the night instead of a loss. Grrrr.



Database developer and successful horse racing punter for 30 years. Turning my gaze to Hong Kong hoping to find a few winners.

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