Happy Valley 2nd December

A quiet night at Happy Valley. Just a few bets on the last 3 races. There was no value with our top rated runners in all 3 races being under the assessed odds. We backed a few overlays at longer rated odds and failed to have a collect. I was very keen on Golden Chopsticks in race 8 but couldn't get his odds down low enough. I will review the strategy for these types of horses because there's a few top rated winners going through to the keeper.

Race 6 - Supreme Fresh 3rd

Race 7 - Top rated runners 1st - Fantastic Feeling 2nd - Grace Heart, no collect on long shot specs.

Race 8 - Golden Chopsticks rated $4 wins at $3.40


OUT: 4.2 units IN: 0

Golden Chopsticks
Golden Chopsticks


Database developer and successful horse racing punter for 30 years. Turning my gaze to Hong Kong hoping to find a few winners.

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