Happy Valley Nov 25th

Unhappy Valley for the HKSpeedKing

I recorded my first bagel of the season at Happy Valley. This came about through changing my usual approach more than anything else. In order to allow members to get set early and hit the hay, I posted all bets early. A big mistake. Happy Valley, rail in the C3, looked like a leaders night. In the immortal words of Arthur Fonzarelli. I was wrrrr, I was wrrrrrr, I was wrrrrrrrong. The winners fro the most part were coming from way off the pace. Romantic Cash an obvious exception, it seems it was just way too classy for that field. In future there will only be a couple of tips for Happy Valley unless I am confident of the track pattern.

OUT: 12.24 IN: BAGEL








Database developer and successful horse racing punter for 30 years. Turning my gaze to Hong Kong hoping to find a few winners.

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