Sha Tin December 6th

All Over It and Over It at Sha Tin

Five races rated and 4 top rated winners. But a minus 3 unit result. We played a few outside of our top raters that were overlays and things didn't pan out. Every winner was in our comments for the day as a chance.

  • Our bet of the day Dragon General saluted in style.
  • The second horse I really wanted to see odds for was Who Else But You. Joao Moreira up saw rubbish odds and we had to look on as W E B Y saluted in style.

OUT: 11.07 IN: 7.98     - 3.09 units

HK Punter
HK Punter


Race 1

Easy Hedge rated at $1.50 and saluted at $1.50. Not going to get rich backing these ones so we let it go around without us and specced Treasure and Gold which failed to fire.

Race 4

I had the hots for Who Else But You and had my fingers crossed that it would hit at least $3.50. Nope Moreira up  killed fair odds. Played some multis and other overlays and missed out.

Race 5

Backed Helen's Choice and she ran 4th. Lovely Naughty was the winner and was given a chance but too short for us at $7.

Race 8

Covered the race from every angle. Dragon General won and our top 4 overlays filled the first 4 placings. Our long shot Aerospeed ran one of the top 5 late sections for the day and is one to follow. After the race, an endoscopic examination was conducted on Aerospeed at the request of Trainer P O'Sullivan. The Veterinary Surgeon reported that this examination showed a substantial amount of blood in the horse's trachea. Before being allowed to race again, Aerospeed will be subjected to an official veterinary examination.

Race 10

Our top rater wins So Fast. Our 3rd (Midnight rattler) and 4th (Metallic Star) raters run 2nd and 3rd respectively. Healthy Joyful looked a good bet and I was keen to take on the faves with it. That enthusiasm went out the window when KarisTeetan kept urging the hose forward from gate 14 to have it 4 wide vying for the lead. Duly slaughtered Healthy Joyful was unable to produce its usual strong last section.





Database developer and successful horse racing punter for 30 years. Turning my gaze to Hong Kong hoping to find a few winners.

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