Sha Tin Feb 27th

One of those hard to take days

The worst day for the season was brought about by a few disappointing rides. Well, not so much disappointing as out and out butcher jobs. The first was Gavin Lerena on Rouge et Blanc.  He travelled 3 wide on the lead in a staying race when he had the option for 800 metres of slotting in. One can only say WTF? Chatting with Racing2Win analyst Paul Lally through the week we had landed on Rouge as the bet of the day. I was very confident on figures and Paul loved the horses work. We just needed a five out of 10 ride form Gavin to get the prize. Unfortunately Gavin produced a 2 out of 10. He will be avoided like the plague.

We move on.

OUT: 19.63 IN: 2.6




Database developer and successful horse racing punter for 30 years. Turning my gaze to Hong Kong hoping to find a few winners.

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